Fellow Washington voter,

Thank you for visiting. However, please know I am no longer campaigning for U.S. Senator from the state of Washington. My name appears on the ballot as my decision to withdrawal was made following the WA Secretary of State's deadline.

Working within Washington's Top 2 Primary Election process effectively focuses voting coalitions to "circle the wagons" around a single candidate. All things considered, I encourage Washington progressives to support Phil Cornell for U.S. Senator on August 2nd.

Beyond the Senate race, I encourage you to follow the Washington Berniecrats Coalition and support candidates that represent the interests of working families and oppose the TPP. Engage with Movement4Bernie and Socialist Alternative as we build a party for the 99% here in Washington and beyond. 

Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors, and #VoteTogether.

I will continue to be active in progressive politics and look forward to working together on issues that matter to we the people, and encourage you to follow me on Twitter

#TheStruggleContinues #OurRevolution #WeStandTogether

In Solidarity,

Zach Haller